Why Enter The Local Business Awards?

The Local Business Awards are more than just awards we are the beginning of a grassroots movement inspiring a local business revolution, where people truly understand that local businesses are more than businesses they are the fabric of our communities and the backbone of our local economies. Here are some of the reasons you should enter:

More chances to be successful

Normally the margin between winners and finalists is so small even judges disagree who should win so The Local Business Awards have one major difference to other awards ... we have multiple winners per category … So even more chance of success.


Winning a Local Business Award will not only give you local exposure Local Business Award winners will get national exposure, boosting online sales and giving people a reason to make a special trip to your Local Business.

And of course you will be able to proudly display your winners trophy in your office or a sticker for your shop window giving people even more reason to step inside.

Business Improvement

Even winners know not to rest on their laurels that is why you are winners so Local Business Award winners will get free lifetime membership to My Local : The local business community committed to building thriving local communities. Membership will include:

  • Support from local business experts

  • Access to local business masterclasses

  • Be part of a grassroots movement

  • Exclusive social media groups

  • Member events and networking

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