The Lotus Awards Legacy

The Local Business Awards may be new for 2021, but they were 5 years in the making.

In 2017 The Lotus Awards were created to change the way people saw the world of work, by inspiring organisations across the world to focus on things that are fundamental to amazing workplaces. With one difference …. normally the margin between winners and finalists is so small even judges disagree who should win so The Lotus Awards had one major difference to other awards ... we had multiple winners per category.

Having awarded hundreds of amazing organisations across the world we have seen firsthand that awards can be a catalyst for driving positive change in industries and communities.

Now we want to celebrate the best local, ethical & sustainable businesses in the UK to make people and businesses want to shop local.

Local businesses are fundamental to local economies, creating employment, economic growth while giving personality to communities, but despite huge numbers of local businesses doing great things they are often overlooked by other awards and struggle to get the recognition they deserve. The Local Business Awards will change that.

Research shows that just £10 spent with a local independent shop means £50 back into the local economy. This means that you can indirectly make a big impact on your local community without it costing you much.

By celebrating it, we can inspire it and begin a grassroots local business revolution.

Local Business Award winners will become the founding members of our movement, building meaningful connections with other local business leaders and get great unparalleled exposure for their local business and their local community.

Local : Ethical : Sustainable

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