Storytelling in Local Business - Use storytelling to influence

People like to be a part of stories. Storytelling is essential to our human existence, helping us make sense of the world and appealing to our emotions.

Many of the most successful brands use storytelling to strike an emotional connection with their customers and employees, but it isn’t only for the Nike’s and Apple’s of this world.

Storytelling is, however, an art. It needs to inform & educate while being inspiring and entertaining. It needs to challenge the way think and act, while showing us the way to solve problems as individuals and society.

Here are some tips to help you become a inspirational local business storyteller:

What is your story?

While every business has a story to tell, it’s not always clear what that story is. Spend the time to craft a clear and consistent story that will support your business’ vision.

What stories should be told?

To really work, storytelling has to be authentic. It will require you to be vulnerable so as a local business owner, don’t be afraid to tell the full story the setbacks, struggles, and of course the successes. This helps your audience understand the passionate dedication that went into creating and building your business.

Talk about events related to your business how it happened and what you learned from it, and what should consumers learn from hearing it?

Get Customers Involved

Let’s face it case studies can be a bit ... boring. Factual representation with some analysis doesn’t always connect emotionally.

A story depicts what happened through people, places, and storylines therefore bringing an emotional context into the portrayal of what happened.

So involve your employees and customers, be uniquely you, stand out, shine, be colourful and start storytelling.

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