My Local: The Local Business Network

Why Celebrate Local?

Every local business has a story to tell. Local businesses are more than just a business they are the very fabric of our communities, when they succeed they are fundamental to the success of our communities. They bring personality and vibrance to the high street, create opportunities, employment and networks that are essential for building thriving local economies.

By giving national recognition to the best local businesses in the UK we will create a local business revolution inspiring resilient, thriving local economies, opportunity for all and a sustainable future we can be proud of.


Start-Up : Food & Drink Production : Advertising, Marketing & PR : Engineering : Online Retailer : High Street Retailer : Creative Economy : Employee Experience : Learning and Development : Sustainable Design : Fashion & Beauty : Professional Services : Services to Animals : Wellbeing : Hospitality : Health & Social Care : Housing : International : Technology : Recruitment : Trades

What does winning a Local Business Award mean

Better recognition nationally, regionally, and globally to attract business opportunities even from other countries, regions, and continents.

My Local

My Local is an invite-only leadership club that not only serves a movement fostering the development of local business ecosystems but also gives you access to a well-selected national network to support your local business endeavours.


  • Connection to regional and national local business stakeholders - including winners of The Local Business Awards.

  • Masterclasses - offering online and in-person classes for all business leaders facilitated by inspirational instructors.

  • Opportunity to contribute with your expertise and knowledge to a greater good: to shape the future of local ecosystems.

  • Enjoy the benefits of valuable services and products offered by our ambassadors and partners

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