How to Practice Gratitude In Your Local Business

Practicing gratitude at your local business will make you and your team happier, improving moods, and making you feel more connected to your colleagues and customers. It can enhance the sense of belonging to you local business, which is directly related to higher performance, less sick days, and lower staff turnover.

Gratitude takes work, but it’s worth it. Here are four suggestions you can use to increase the levels of gratitude in your local business and like all the best things in life practicing gratitude is completely free.

Be Grateful for The small things

At the end of each day, make a list of a few things that went right. Even in the darkest days, if you look hard enough you will see the light. It could be something like a colleague making you smile, booking a meeting or even having a tasty sandwich for lunch. Write you list on a post-it note and put it somewhere where you’ll see it when you return to work in the morning. Use this as a positive start to the day and let the momentum lead to more reasons to be grateful.

Create a digital gratitude folder

When you get a special email, a comment on social media that makes you smile or a mention in the local press don’t just let it pass, start a digital gratitude folder and use these digital memories on days when you need that extra bit of motivation.

Compliment a colleague

Take a pause to notice the accomplishments of yours colleagues and thank them for their contribution to your local business it will not only make them feel appreciated it will lighten your load.

When you focus on what your colleagues are doing right, you’re less likely to negatively dwell on your problems.

Think of innovative ways

A simple post-it-note that’s left on your screen or on a colleague’s desk will do the job just fine. But sometimes going that extra mile with a confetti card bomb or a flash mob dance from you and all your colleagues could make all the difference.

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