How To Make Your Local Business Story Stand Out

Having a great product or service is not always enough to succeed as a local business. People love a good story. But more importantly, people buy from a good story. If you’re not telling a great story it can literally make or break your ability to differentiate your local business from all the others.

What do your customers need?

Every business has a mission, usually, this is the problem you are trying to solve, or why else launch your business in the first place? However, too often local business leaders often focus on the amazing features of their products and services and lose sight of what will make their customers buy.

It’s not about what your business does … it’s really about what your customers need and positioning your story in such a way that addresses a consumer's conflict. How will your product or service improve your customer's lives?

Understand why your version of this story is different.

Many other local businesses any are are offering products and services to solve the same problem. So when crafting your local business story you really need to differentiate yourself …

This differentiation can stem from:

  • Background: What was the reason for starting local business?

  • Beginning: Talk about the startup process?

  • Process: What do you do differently?

  • Product/Service: What do you do that none else can?

Empathise with their emotions.

Get to the heart of what they need. Be personal. Make it emotional. Focus on Local and be proud to be a small business.

Use your story to ignite action.

Action is the difference between creative writing and marketing.

You have to be an authentic storyteller but remember the end goal is to ignite action -- to make customers believe in you and want to buy from you.

Try to tempt your customers with the idea of a world in which their consumer conflict has been resolved.

Involve your colleagues

Get your colleagues to help … creating your local business story is a great way to engage your employees and it can really help in creating a more authentic and compelling story.

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