How to create a learning culture in your local business

A good Learning & Development strategy has benefits for every kind of business – but arguably, it's at smaller companies where the true value is felt. Here are some of our favourite ways to create a learning culture in your local business:

Make Learning A Core Organisational Value

Having a clear set of values helps your colleagues and customers understand what you stand for as a business. Including a learning value shows your commitment to progression.

Lead By Example

Leaders set the tone through examples set in everyday tasks. A leader who is always looking to grow and learn sets a great example. The best leaders will always be looking for ways to improve and this could come from structured learning & development sessions, feedback from customers and one of my favourites learning from other members of staff in an informal way.

Develop Personalised Learning Plans

Develop a learning and development program that recognises the individual needs and desires of employees in relation to personal development. Content will of course be key, but the format and delivery methods of training will also have an important role to play in how engaged your employees are with the process.

Think Outside The Box

Learning doesn’t always have to be directly related to a business function. Think outside the box there is plenty to be learned from teaching valuable skills such as mindfulness.

Provide The Right Rewards

In order to become truly successful at your job as a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to understand the importance of being appreciated. When it comes to praising others for their hard work, you also need to praise and recognise your colleagues' commitment to continued learning.

Create a Learning Environment

The way learning takes place in the workplace is changing. It is no longer about a single course or workshop that employees must take. It’s more than that. It’s about continuous learning and creating a culture of learning to support it. Start by creating or curating resources that are easy for your colleagues to access.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

Create a culture where peer-to-peer learning is encouraged, to do this people need to feel comfortable sharing ideas and you need to create an environment that makes this possible.


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