Every Local Business Has A Story To Tell

Local businesses are more than just a business they are the very fabric of our communities, when they succeed they are fundamental to the success of your community. They bring personality and vibrance to the high street, create opportunities, employment and networks that are essential for building thriving local economies. We believe the wellbeing of individuals is greatly improved by strong communities, that is why we created The local Business Awards.

By giving national recognition to the best local businesses in the UK we will create a local business revolution inspiring resilient, thriving local economies, opportunity for all and a sustainable future we can be proud of.

Winning awards can make a huge difference on both a personal and professional level. They help to win new customers, increase sales, improve engagement and make recruitment easier.

Winning a local business award will also help to get your local community excited about shopping local. You’ll be able to put money back into your community giving your local economy a chance to thrive.

Writing an award entry can be time-consuming and plenty of people doubt the importance of Awards but whatever one thinks of them, awards - and the burst of media attention they garner - play a vital role in the marketing of any industry. The Local Business Awards want to do for shopping local what the Turner Prize did for the world of contemporary art or the role the Stirling Prize has had on architecture across the nation.

The Local Business Awards are open for entries. Before you enter please read How To Enter and How To Succeed as this will give you the greatest chance of success

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