Bold Decisions Local Business Leaders Should Take

If you want to be the change you want to see in your local community now might be the time to make some bold decisions ….

Trust in Young People

Local businesses offer a unique opportunity for young people, I started my working life at a local business and the experience has been invaluable throughout my working life. You see, while employees of small businesses may have a job title, the job role often evolves quickly and the opportunities to learn are endless.

Young people have a lot to offer, they offer a different point of view, they are early adopters of tech and offer insight into the mind of their contemporaries who will, if they haven’t already, become your customers.

As a valued business in your community it is essential that we support and encourage young people into roles that they are passionate about as this will keep talent local. I often speak about the importance of keeping wealth in local communities but keeping talent is equally as important if you want to have a thriving local economy.

Challenge assumptions

We all have our own ideas about how the world works, but, we can all agree that the world is changing extremely fast, sometimes the old ways are not the best and yesterdays thinking is quickly becoming outdated.

Maybe it’s time to throw out your old ways of thinking and step into a place of ‘not knowing.’ Use the trusted people around you and believe in the process.

Stepping into the unknown encourages you to think in different ways and come up with solutions to problems you haven’t considered before.

Go against conformity

We all want to be liked and I’ve yet to meet anyone who enjoys being criticised, much less rejected. We’re just wired that way.

Yet when all you do is conform, all you have to offer is conformity. Be uniquely you, stand up for your principles and the values of your business, express your own opinion and do what’s true for you versus what others expect of you.

It’s not easy, however, it can be crucial to your success and it will set you apart from the crowd.

Make imperfect decisions

You’re not perfect, your customers aren’t either and that is why sometimes your imperfections can be the reason you appeal to your customers. Being vulnerable is a rare quality in leaders.

When you understand vulnerability you are taking the first step towards ownership of your emotions and creating environments for growth and learning.

A leader that says "I don’t know" or "l was wrong" fosters an environment of imperfection. Imperfection is reality, and striving for perfection can be a dangerous quest, so I’ll leave you with a story I once read about the 98% rule … “when it comes down to it, 98% is what I strive for. 98% is good enough. When we try to go the full 100%, we lose money almost every time—and nobody even notices the difference between 98% and perfection."

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