A big business starts small.

Small businesses provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, jobs in your local community and they keep wealth in your local economy. Running a small business involves risks, there is less security than working for a large, established company, but the rewards are greater. You not only contribute to your community you can be the beginning of something that can change the world. Here are 3 reasons to shop small.

Creating Meaningful Jobs

As a small business owner, you are giving opportunities to people in your local community. Two out of three new net private-sector jobs are created by small businesses. That figure refers to the number of new jobs created after subtracting the number of jobs that have been eliminated.

Integral Parts of Local Economies

Small businesses are the foundation of thriving integral local economies. When you spend money at a local shop, that money goes to pay an employee in your community, who is likely to spend money at another community business. The more that small businesses leverage their potential to support each other, the greater their capacity to create a thriving local economy.

Creating Unique Communities

A small business brings personality to the local economy. If you shop at a small business it is likely you will know the staff, you will want them to succeed and you will play a direct part in that success.

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