7 Ways to attract more customers to your local business

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Community Activism

When choosing a product or a service 82 % of people said their decision would be influenced by whether the company was philanthropic.

So find a local cause and support it because:

  1. Boosts employee morale

  2. It’s good for your community

  3. Improves public relations

Collaborate with other local businesses

Collaboration is a powerful business tool for companies. By combining the effort and expertise of different organisations, all partners in the network are better able to innovate and grow, and increase their competitiveness on many levels.

Business collaboration benefits include:

Financial benefits - the ability to increase sales, or cut costs by sharing resources.

Marketing benefits - find a new audience and combine social media activity.

Human capital - develop employees' skills, safeguard jobs, and improve employee engagement.

Physical capital - the ability to share premises, resources, and equipment.

Intellectual capital - the ability to tap into combined knowledge and expertise.

Look at Brewdog & Tony’s Chocolate, Aerial & Febreze and Sainsbury’s & Argos. There are numerous local businesses following this trend but before you embark on a collaboration you should:

  1. Have a clear purpose

  2. Have an agreed business opportunity

  3. Have clear rules of engagement

Local SEO

Local SEO is essential to smaller businesses that operate on a regional, so to improve your local SEO:

  1. Create a google my business account.

  2. Get regular reviews from your customers.

  3. Use location pages or a location-specific “about us” page.

  4. Take advantage of business directories.

  5. Get customers to leave reviews on review sites.

  6. Optimise for voice search.

  7. Create content for your blog based on local news stories or events.

  8. Optimise your website for mobile.

  9. Hone in on local keywords.

Social Media

Try and make your posts engaging. . If people like, share or comment on your posts they are more likely to see your future content.

Of course you want people to know what your organisation specialises in ... but think of subtle ways to showcase your products and services without giving it the hard sell on social media. Here are afew ideas to help you on your way.

  1. Respond to your followers.

  2. Take advantage of trending topics.

  3. Ask followers to tag a friend.

  4. Offer a social media exclusive deal.

  5. Let people into what life is like at you local business

  6. Show your sense of humour.


Asking your customers for feedback is essential to inform your decision making . It's also important for measuring customer satisfaction among your current customers and can really help when deciding on new products and services to invest in.

Arguably even more important is employee feedback. A culture where people are comfortable asking for and getting feedback from their colleagues, can really change how a workplace operates.

Too often feedback is something that happens only once a year. Do you remember the last time someone gave you any feedback on your performance at work? If you had to think about it chances are it was too long ago.

Receiving feedback is essential if you want to help people build motivated, productive and creative teams.

Here’s why:

  1. It provokes change and fuels growth

  2. It gives people a sense of purpose

  3. It improves employee engagement

  4. It helps improve working relationships

Embrace technology

Technology empowers business owners to achieve what they set out to do and allows them to be creative while maintaining a high level of productivity

In today’s world, countless technologies exist that help improve exposure, encourage communication, and can cater to specific needs. Above all,.

Accounting, booking management, mental health of staff and marketing are just a few of the areas that

Think outside the box

Searches for dog-friendly establishments have hugely increased in recent years and many British dog owners make dining choices on if our four legged friends are welcome..

During lockdown more and more people have become parents to dogs so, if you can why not make your business dog friendly?

There are obviously an infinite number of ways to make your business unique, and this is just one example to get the creative juices flowwing ... so think outside the box and give your customers even more reasons to buy from your local business.

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