6 Reasons to Shop Local

Like many businesses, local businesses have been affected by the pandemic and sadly many will never open their doors to customers again, however local businesses are more than just business they are the very fabric of our communities and we should fight to save them. Here are 6 reasons why you should shop local.

Help build a thriving local economy

When you shop local you keep wealth within your local economy. If you image the journey of a pound once it leaves the Royal Mint it will be passed between business and people until normally ending up in the bank accounts of Tesco or Jeff Bezos. If we spend that pound with local businesses we are keeping wealth in our community. In fact £1 spent locally is worth almost 400% more to the local economy.

Creating vibrant communities

Local businesses are the backbone of communities, when you support your local businesses you are helping your local area to be socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. So you are actually contributing to building healthier and vibrant communities.

Local businesses support local causes

Many businesses support charities but small local causes can often miss out to the more well known organisations. Local businesses are heavily invested in the local community so are much more likely to support smaller charities that make real difference to the community they are part of. So when you shop local you are also supporting local causes.

Local is more sustainable

There is no doubt that next-day is convenient and online shopping is hard to resist but when you consider the total impact of packaging and transport on the environment, and also that local shops often use local producers and suppliers buying local, when you can, will be better for the environment.

Local businesses attract visitors

Local businesses are unique, many people will travel to buy from a specialist, this could be a boutique shop or one of the many businesses capitalising on the growing experience economy. This can create a uniqueness that won’t be found anywhere else, helping to attract not only visitors but tourists. Boosting the local economy.

Nurturing creativity and entrepreneurship

Local businesses are agile and create more jobs than any other kind of organisation. In fact, they account for 48% of all private-sector employment. When you work for a local business you will learn skills outside of your job description making you more employable but also nurturing entrepreneurial talent encouraging more people to start local businesses creating a future proof local community brimming with thriving businesses.

Helping small businesses helps society. So next time you go shopping think of the local alternatives, shop local and support the local businesses that are supporting you and your local community.

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