Mission Statement

The Local Business Awards are a social enterprise on a mission to celebrate the best local, ethical & sustainable businesses in the UK. We are an independent organisation that believes celebrating local businesses on a national level can inspire a local business revolution inspiring people to support local. We also want to give people the confidence to follow their dreams and start a local business.

Financial Statement

We charge a small entry fee to cover our costs, we are a social enterprise that means all profits will be reinvested or distributed to our charity partners. However, if you have been unable to work for more than 6 months in the past year your entry fee will be waived. We do not have sponsors and all award ambassadors work on a noncommercial arrangement. The Local Business Awards are not like other awards, we have multiple winners per category, per region so you have a very good chance of success.


The Local business awards are an evolution from The Lotus Awards. In their short history they have arguably celebrated the most diverse group of businesses and individuals of any business awards. Winners from 5 continents from charities & startups to multinationals and everything in between. We have celebrated lifetime achievement winners such as Dr Ian Dodds (Diversity & Inclusion pioneer), Jocelyn Hillman (founder of Working Chance) and Lord John Bird (Founder of The Big Issue)

Now we want to celebrate the best of British, Local, Independent businesses.