How To Succeed

How to write a winning entry

Every local business has a story to tell and we want to hear yours.

We understand that local businesses all face different challenges and no two are the same so we have multiple winners per region, per category. We judge each entry on its own merit so you have a great chance of success.

What makes a great entry:

  • The secret of a great awards entry is to tell a story in the way people expect: beginning, middle, and end, with some interesting detail along the way.

  • Talk about what sets your customer service apart.

  • Your team is fundamental to your success so talk about your values, your culture, and how you keep your colleagues engaged.

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about overcoming adversity and how you have dealt with failure, this is part of business and it is part of your journey.

  • Talk about collaboration with other local businesses, tell us how you work with your local community, and tell us about how are trying to make it a better place.

  • Talk about your growth, how have you achieved this, are you using innovative technology to help your business succeed.

  • How you have coped with Covid-19 and what is your vision for the future?

  • If you have been unable to work for more than 6 months in the past year your entry fee will be waived.

Please note entries can be written, images, video, or a combination.

Entry Process:

Pick your category

Pay the entry fee

Complete the entry form

Send your entry via email or wetransfer to 

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